Our Pledge

Our Pledge; Satisfaction Guaranteed

Pink Bin is committed to ensuring the total satisfaction of every person who has given us permission to place a Pink Bin. Pink Bin holds itself to the highest standard for managing its collection containers. Not all textile recycling companies care about collection standards.

Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles(SMART) has a Donation Drop Box Code of Conduct that is a great tool to measure how well a company is servicing their collection containers. The following list is the SMART Donation Drop Box Code of Conduct that Pink Bin adheres to:

  • Ensure donation receptacles identify the name and telephone number of the company responsible for maintaining the bin(s)
  • Clearly mark donation bins with the names and telephone numbers of the sponsoring organization and names and contact information (phone number, email address or website URL) of charities receiving benefit
  • Refrain from using deceptive or ambiguous labels/logos on bins that imply donations will go to support a particular cause if there is no underlying affiliation with a charitable organization and clearly disclose the for profit nature of your business on your bins
  • Obtain written consent from a property owner and/or representative prior to placing and/or moving donation drop boxes on any private property
  • Service drop boxes as often as necessary to avoid accumulation of donated items or debris around said bins
  • Provide the property owner and/or representative with a working phone number and commit to responding to any complaints regarding box maintenance within 24 hours of receiving notification during regular business hours
  • Comply with any applicable zoning and or permitting requirements, including state, local and municipality requirements.
Call us 24/7

Speak to a live operator anytime by calling the toll free number on every bin

No Liability to you

Fully insured employees and equipment

Attractive Pink Bins

4’x4’ bins are maintained to ensure they are attractive

No Subcontractors

You will get Pink Bin professionally trained Pink Bin service staff

No Work For You

We do everything….you do nothing

Pink Bin goes even further to maintain an even a higher standard than SMART

  1. We maintain our bins to the highest service and aesthetic standards.
  2. We employ our own full-time staff and do not use subcontractors.
  3. The use of our computerized tracking and forecasting system helps us ensure that clothes are collected regularly which helps prevent overflows.
  4. We also pick up and properly recycle/dispose all items left around drop boxes, including non-textile goods and garbage.

Call or write to us

If you have a service issue with one of PinkBin’s collection bins, please contact your local Pink Bin office by phone, or call the number on your bin.

Call now 888-680-PINK or Write now: info@PinkBin.org