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Host a Box

Do you own or manage a business or other commercial property?
Are you in charge of a school, community center, event venue or just a place where many people pass by every day?
There are a number of benefits in hosting a box at your premises

Attract more people

Having a donation box at your place of business is an extra reason for people to choose to come to your place. This means more people see your ads, and the more merchandise you sell or the services you provide. Get ahead of your competition by providing an additional reason for people to come to your business. Many of them may already be your customers, but you will attract new ones as well!

Build a strong base of returning customers

We all need to make more space in our closets from time to time. It may happen only once or twice a year, but it will happen for sure. Everybody knows clothes do not belong in the landfill. So what should you do then? Bring them to your neighborhood donation box! The one you are used to seeing next to that grocery on the corner when you drive by. Drop off the clothes, and now you might as well buy what you need for dinner tonight… Come back when your closets are full.


PinkBin is committed to helping federal, state and local government agencies reduce the amount of textiles going into landfills. Currently, only 15% of used clothing and textiles are being recycled. The other 85% goes straight to our landfills and the majority of people don’t know they can recycle those unused textiles and help reduce the negative environmental impact. These PinkBin recommendations can help local governments educate the public, increase textile recycling and possibly generate additional revenue.

Education is Key

95% of consumer textiles can be recycled to be re-worn or re-used. Wearable items are either sold or distributed by charities. A significant amount of donated clothing and textiles go to developing countries where there is increasingly high demand. Un-wearable items are cut into wiping cloths and rags or ground up into fiber to manufacture stuffing, insulation and carpet underlayment.

Create Convenient Collection Points

The more convenient the recycling process is the more successful the program will be. Allowing clothing and textile collection boxes on public property such as parks, playgrounds, school parking lots, government buildings and any place people frequent for shopping, work or play may make it easier for the public to recycle.

Support a worthy cause
Support your environment

PINK BIN exists to help our global environment through a regimented and sustained textile recycling program. However, we can’t do it without you. All of the surplus from the sale of collected items is used to support the various operations and to promote and expand Pink Bin’s clothing collection programs.

Interested in Hosting a Donation Box?

If you are interested in sponoring a box or hosting a box, please call 888-680-PINK or email

The Recycling

Recycling clothes saves resources like energy, water, money and land fill space"